Top Car Gadgets for 2017

Car gadgetsCar Gadgets to Help Make Your Drive Easier

We are in a world of constantly changing technology. New devices are continuously hitting the market to make our day to day life easier. The automobile industry, in particular, has seen a massive increase in technological advances designed to improve safety, comfort and ease of driving. From radar detectors and GPS devices to dash cams, Wi-Fi access and smartphone mounts, there are some terrific and truly innovative options. We’ve pulled together a few of the top gadgets below:


Radar Detectors

Are you sick of receiving expensive speeding fines for being two to three miles over the limit? A radar detector is a perfect solution for preventing these unnecessary and annoying fines. A good quality detector with a high range alerts you when you are nearing a police vehicle or other radar detection device. The most important factor when choosing a radar detector is to cover all bases by ensuring the device detects X, K, Ka and Laser bands. Secondly, you will want to select a device with a display screen that you can easily to read, and audio settings that can be adjusted to your needs. One of the key requirements of a radar detector is easy-to-understand visual and audio warnings.


GPS Devices

There are many different types of GPS devices. The most typical and widely used is a small device dedicated to GPS, that can easily be mounted to your dashboard, and hidden from view when not in use. Say goodbye to the days of a giant fold out map and opt for a digital GPS that constantly updates your location and destination. Many smartphones also have GPS location services, and apps such as ‘Google Maps’ can ensure you’ll never miss a turn again!


Phone Mounts

Using your mobile phone while driving is illegal in the UK and with recent laws, drivers caught even touching their phone are subject to a £200 fine. However, using a phone mount with a hands-free system can allow you to accept calls and use your in-phone GPS while driving. A phone mount sits on your dashboard where you can easily see the screen, making your trip a little less stressful. Even when using a phone mount, it’s important to note; you should always refrain from touching your phone.


Bluetooth Car Kit

A Bluetooth car kit is essential if you’re planning to use your phone while driving. Connect your device to the hands-free system and answer calls, change music and more without taking your eyes off the road. Smartphone technology has improved dramatically in recent years, and you can now use assistants such as ‘Siri’ and ‘Google Assistant’ to perform various tasks on the road. Just make sure to that your Bluetooth car kit is compatible with your phone before purchasing.


Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras, commonly called “dash cams”, are an excellent protective gadget that comes in handy in the case of a car accident. If your vehicle was ever involved in a collision and there was a dispute over who is at fault, the recorded footage can be used as evidence to clear your name. Without a dash cam, it can be difficult to prove fault, especially if the other party does not accept responsibility. It can be particularly important if there is significant damage to other cars and property. Save yourself a lot of money, time and trouble and protect yourself with a dash cam.


Find the Best Gadgets for your Driving Habits

The devices mentioned here are only some of the many gadgets you can use to make your driving experience comfortable, easy and more enjoyable. Do a little research before purchasing and find out what particular gadgets are best for your driving habits.

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