How to drive greener

Ways to Drive Greener


Wondering how you can drive greener? Although the obvious answer to reduce your transport carbon dioxide emissions is to catch public transport or walk, this is not a feasible option for many. However, all it takes is a few small changes to your driving style (or vehicle).


Adopting an eco-friendly driving style can play a significant role in reducing the use of non-renewable fuels, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking your carbon footprint. You will also save money by reducing the wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine, using less fuel in the process. Here are a few of the top ways to drive greener.


#1. Purchase a Hybrid Car

If you happen to be shopping around for a new car, keep in mind the option of a hybrid or electric car. These days there are plenty of choices when choosing a green car from the top range, such as Tesla (a popular electric car), to the more affordable hybrid range from Toyota. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint with one of these cars, but you’ll also save money on petrol. A win for both the environment and your pocket!


#2. Go Easy on the Air Conditioning

Even if you’re not in the position to purchase a green car, there are still ways for you to reduce the environmental impact when driving. Instead of blasting the heater or air conditioner, try opening a window or wearing an extra layer of clothing. Unnecessary use of the air conditioner can increase the fuel consumption of your car by around 10%, so aim to use it only for defrosting your windows or when absolutely necessary.


#3. Be Strategic

Plan where you need to go and always look to take the most efficient route. Idling in peak hour traffic is going to chew through your petrol and result in more greenhouse gas emissions. Try to plan your trips and avoid rush hour traffic if possible. Analyse your route before departing and look for the smoothest trip, with the least amount of stopping and starting. It’s worth noting that the most efficient route may not necessarily be the shortest by distance.


#4. Check Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure can make all the difference. Under-inflated tyres cause excessive resistance and drag, which can result in increased fuel consumption. Check your tyre pressure regularly and reduce your carbon footprint. Another option is to invest in lightweight and low-resistance tyres. While they are slightly more expensive, they can help manage your fuel consumption and save you more at the pump.


#5. Accelerate Slowly

Driving at higher speeds uses more petrol than a lower speed and accelerating more often causes an increase in fuel consumption. Avoid accelerating quickly to use less petrol and reduce your carbon footprint. Once at a high speed, try to keep your car odometer consistent. This is clearly difficult when driving through the city, but if you’re on a motorway put your car into cruise control.

Follow these five tips to drive greener, do your part for the environment and save money in the long run.

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