Cars for Retire Citizens

Within last 10 years, the automotive industry has changed a lot! We can have different categories of cars best suited to every phase of life. Now we are going to see how seniors choose a good, safe and everlasting reliable car to treat them well after their retirement.

Cars are becoming safer, thanks to new technologies like electronic stability control, improved vehicle construction etc. Government crash tests and better insurance plans are also letting old people drive cars safely. These important changes are great news, but unfortunately, the down side is that cars have become much more complicated and distracting, with innumerable inventions in controls and infotainment systems.

When you enter any car shop or a show room you are bombarded with so many choices that it seems overwhelming but apart from technology if you are going to buy a car for older retire people your key considerations are visibility, comfort, ease of access, reliability, and safety. There are many great cars from which to choose. If you’re looking for what may be your final new car for retirement, you want one that can meet your changing needs while being rewarding and dependable.

This article can help, backed by our extensive new-car test data and exhaustive annual reliability survey.

Following are the factors that should be considered for buying any car for retired people:

  • Fit & comfort

The most important aspect for older drivers is to make sure that the car fits and can fine-tune to their shifting needs. Most of the people don’t consider the safety features to maximize effectiveness of their cars rather they just buy a new car and jump in it and drive. This should not be an approach if the car is for older drivers.

CarFit is a helpful program to aid in fitting seniors to their existing car, but the lessons translate well to all shoppers. If you are buying a new vehicle, make sure you choose one with adjustable seats, lumbar support, and tilt and telescope steering wheel. Even if you don’t plan to live in a cold climate, consider heated seats, as they can soothe a sore back. Sit in the car and make sure you are able to see out the front, rear, and sides, especially since many new cars have swoopy styling that limits visibility. And make sure you can reach all the buttons and controls. If not, try another car until you find one that best suits you.

Apart from fit, a car should be comfortable. Make sure seat cushions give good support and are firm and that you can easily reach the pedals but still have enough space away from the steering wheel should install the air bag. Sitting too close to the steering risks significant injury.

  • Access

Retired people can sometimes dream of getting a sporty car but as it sit lower to the ground, it is a big challenge to enter and exit at the cost of accessibility and comfortability. And it will get worse as the driver ages.

A traditional midsized or large sedan may work well, with wide door openings and ample passenger space, but the seats are typically low. Small SUVs such as the Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, or Toyota RAV4 often appeal because they are easy to enter and exit thanks to big doors and chair-height access. Larger SUVs are difficult to climb into because they are much taller. Another option is a wagon. There are several models that offer a raised height, such as the Kia Soul, Subaru Outback and XV Crosstrek, and Volvo XC70.

Note: Practice getting into and out of the car at the dealership and check rear ship ride too if you are planning to take other passengers on a ride too.

  • Reliability

If this may be your last car and you are planning to take it to long distances and picnics then reliability should be the key considerations. It is more challenging to an old driver to face repairs and breakdowns when on a picnic hence do check for Consumer Reports’ reliability ratings to make sure the vehicle not only does well in our testing but can hold up over time.

  • Safety

Many safety features are available for modern cars but most drivers do not know how to best use the safety features. One of the best thing is to check for backup camera because once activated it can transmit easy shifts in reverse motions by displaying a video on a screen in the center of the dash showing what is behind the car. This is one of the great conveniences when u are trying to park a car or are unable to see any hindrance or person or obstacle behind a car and hence it minimizes accidents and maintains a safe drive. These are increasingly common and available as optional equipment. With rear visibility getting worse in new cars due to styling, head restraints, and structural design to enhance roof-crush protection, this is quite welcomed. And older drivers who may have limited flexibility will find this feature especially handy.

Blind-spot detection system is another way to alert drivers if car is passing to a side in a blind spot by appearing a light in the side mirror to signal a car present there. Some systems sound an alert if there is a car at your flank and you begin to turn, as if preparing to change lanes. Some models, notably Fords, include small convex mirrors added to a car’s regular side mirrors also help increase visibility of cars in other lanes. Similarly, lane-departure warning systems can alert a driver who begins drifting from his lane, and some can even make minor steering corrections.

  • New-found risks

Try the new technologies before you buy any car because one car might live for many years with you. You can choose a model with more traditional stereo. Complicated control systems can be difficult to use, simultaneously introducing new features and challenging touch-screen interfaces. We found the Cadillac CUE and MyFord Touch to be the most distracting infotainment systems. But the Chrysler UConnect is very intuitive and easy to navigate, proving that touch screens can work well.

  • Bottom line

Buying your last car may be an emotional decision, but with careful, practical consideration to your changing needs, you’ll find there are many choices that can be the pampering, stress-free ride you deserve for retirement. Not everyone has got the luxury of being able to buy a new car when they reach retirement age but investing in a new set of wheels is still sensible.

There are plenty of appropriate cars on the used market for all finances, but selection of one that’ll last longer and won’t cause you too much misery is important.

Following are some new retirement car options you might not have considered here we pick cars to enjoy in your golden years in five different categories.

  1. The Sensible Choice – Nissan Note (from £3,395)

Bought new, a Note can stack up a little on the expensive side compared to its rivals, but it certainly makes a decent choice as a used model. It has low mileage for 30k model on a 55-plate for under £3,500. It makes a very comfortable ride and is spacious inside with high-pitched steering. Nissans are reasonable to run, servicing costs are low and, if you treat it well, it will last for years to come.

  1. The Boring Choice – Honda Jazz (from £999)

Honda Jazz is good solid car, reliably does its job but it is just a little bit boring. There is nothing wrong with this car but thinking it as a retirement car choices is not valuable.

However, if boring is what you want, the Jazz makes a decent case for itself. It’s large, dependable and will hold its values well. The engines are efficient and its shape makes it highly practical. Beware, though, the ride is a little firm and try to hunt down an SE trim.

  1. The Wacky Choice – Skoda Roomster (from £3,785)

It is considered as ‘hideously disfigured’ but there are many that love the Roomster’s ‘unique’ looks. If you’re one of them you can adore an airy cabin, large boot and running costs that won’t trouble your bank balance. It’s pretty decent to drive and has a good choice of engines, including our preferred economical diesels. Still there were complains about its cabin quality though hence we would suggest you to avoid as it is considered poorly equipped.

  1. The Former Executive Choice – BMW X3 (from £6,995)

For a bit classy looking car to opt for retirement, BMW X3 can be perfect choice. You can easily go along motorway in a bit classical way if u choose this car. The often-overlooked X3 is worth considering. Not only has it got the cache of a BMW badge, but it’s stylish, has a great driving position and is actually rather practical. Being a BMW, it’s good to drive, running costs are low for the brand and the engines are efficient too.

  1. Best company cars- Audi A6 saloon 2.0 TDI (from £32,295)

Its classy interior still look so fresh and appealing. This ultra-version is extremely cheap to run with the Grippy Quattro four-wheel drive. This high quality interior can best fit for a retired person who want to surround himself with virtuous stuff. However it is quite expensive and is not as much fun to drive as a BMW 5 Series but with 4.2-litre V8 petrol and 5.0-litre supercharged R models looking like great value, there are still plenty of thrills on offer if you’re after a fast, luxurious saloon that’ll transport the family and be enjoyable to drive.

  1. The You Only Live Once Choice: Range Rover TDV8 (from £22,950)

You have worked hard all your life, retirement should be the time you extravagance yourself to a car you have always dreamed of owning. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing it in style and comfort!

The Range Rover is a five-star hotel on wheels and makes an attractive used purchase. There is loads of room for the family and your pets. Being quite spacious it is super relaxing and has the best driving position this side of an HGV and will look stately at the golf club. The fuel cost and mileage is also not much posh.

  1. Best used executive car: Jaguar XF (from £ 6,500)

It is amongst the best executive cars to give you a special feel of retirement. It has air vents that rotate out of the dash and a gear selector that rises from the center console. From the moment you climb inside the car, you get a very special feel. It is quite spacious, airy and has plenty of style. You can move around on highways easily and safely. Its new 4 door model is much executive but affordable. It has low CO2 emissions as low as 135g/km.

Subsequently, if you are approaching retirement, you must first resolve which car best suits your retirement life so that you can enjoy a fruitful retirement life!


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